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 RFD - "Radio From Downtown"  


Live from the Avalon Theatre: It's "Radio From Downtown"

On Halloween night 2009, the long-running music/variety production "Radio from Downtown" celebrated its 20th anniversary in show business with a presentation of another famous radio program first broadcast 71 years ago from the CBS radio studios in New York City: Orson Welles and the Mercury Theatre on the Air’s adaptation of H. G. Wells’ (no relation) “The War of the Worlds.” 


Through its highly-paid mouthpiece, the legal department of RFD Productions admits to “messing with the script a little bit” to re-imagine the production on the Delmarva Peninsula. This location change necessitated a few other minor plot “improvements” in order to stay true to the mission of "Radio from Downtown": If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing. 


The spine-tingling program featured the crack house band, the "No-No Nonette", the Downtown Players with Carl Kasell and Liane Hansen from National Public Radio, singing chanteuses Hot Soup, University of MD Center for Environmental Science President Don Boesch, and other special guests. The program was broadcast on the world wide web as well as on local radio stations. 


Host and producer Van Williamson thanks Delmarva residents for flocking to the show but adds: “I can’t be responsible if people are just too blind to see the value in this type of activity, no matter how nebulous. Name one other production that still proudly lives up to its own publicity: It’s Not That Far from Art. Talk about truth in advertising. I rest my case.”


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